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SGTE is a consortium of centers engaged in the development of thermodynamic databanks for inorganic and metallurgical systems and their application to practical problems.

Our aims are:

Our members help customers by providing consultancy services in the field of thermochemistry, holding workshops, and providing software packages including SGTE databases. An organisation that wishes to apply thermochemistry to solve practical problems, or to participate in workshops, should contact one of the below listed centers.

Customers currently benefit from problem-solving in the following fields

You will find further reading about SGTE in the SGTE Casebook - Thermodynamics at work.

SGTE centers

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

    Some results of previous and current activities of SGTE and its members can be found here:

  • A collection of phase diagrams calculated with the SGTE database SSOL is available.
  • Documentation of the SGTE Data Transfer Format.
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Inorganic Materials published by Landolt-Börnstein.
  • Zr database at LTPCM
  • New available assessements

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